"This classroom experience changed my life.
It makes you feel like a better person."
-Jadia Cedia, Business Administration, BMCC




"It increased my courage and leadership skills."
-Imtiaz Sumith, Computer Science, BMCC



"I learned how to approach people better. And I learned time management
skills and also leadership skills. I also learned how to listen better.
It made me feel very proud."
-Casey Perez, Theatre Arts, BMCC


"Being able to comment on students' writing online reduced the amount of time students had to wait to receive critical instructional feedback on their writing, allowing the students to write more often and in greater volume. It also afforded the students a unique opportunity to engage with a cause that mattered to them. -Ashley Minihan, ESL instructor and tutor, John Jay College



"To be able to help raise funds and actually volunteer for the classroom cause felt so rewarding. The people working at The Community Kitchen are so selfless and friendly. It felt really awesome working towards such a great cause."
-Sam Jung, Police Studies Major, John Jay College


"I have created friendships with some of the students because of the
classroom cause. Professor Leibman requires students to comment on
each other's work, which creates helpful bonds with the students. The
quality of writing by my fellow classmates definitely increased as the
semester progressed."
-Leon Moore, Criminal Justice, John Jay College